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Recon BioSphere

BioSphere is a real time data acquisition monitoring, reporting and analytics software for environmental data and complies to the requirements of EN 14181 and MCERTS certified Environmental Data Management Software requirements for Environmental and Continuous Emissions Monitoring reporting systems
It enables monitoring and analytics of Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems, Continuous Effluent Quality Monitoring Systems(CEQMS). The main functions include monitoring station configuration ( stations and analyzers), technical data management (data acquisition, normalization, validation, calibration), data processing (data display and reporting) and advanced analytics (time series analytics, forecasting, wind rose, pollution rose, Air Quality index etc.)
A Software system with all reporting tools for remote calibration as per regulatory
requirements and Complete QAL 2 QAL 3 and AST reporting as per EN 14181 Standards 

“As per the COMPLIANCE REPORTING PROTOCOLS FOR ONLINE CONTINUOUS EMISSION EFFLUENT MONITORING SYSTEMS published by CPCB on 13th March, 2018 requires the industries to submit their Calibration procedures adopted Also the details of instruments supporting remote calibration, calibration data and calibration history are to be provided As part of BioSphere, we are fully complaint with the requirements for Remote Calibration and Check Procedures laid down by CPCB”

Auto generation of QAL 3 Reports
and EWMA charts

Secured, High integrity data
transfer with encryption and digital signature

Reports for Regulatory
Compliance CPCB India,


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